History and Heritage:

The history of the city of Lagos has always been connected to the sea and maritime activities, as this region was the meeting of international routes, where they moved people and cultures from various sources. Here Infante D. Henrique armed caravels that opened the way to the Discovery of new countries and cultures, making the port of Lagos an open window to the world. Today, the city retains its old cosmopolitan and complicity with the sea, giving answers to challenges of the present, respecting the past.

Tradition and Customs:

Talking of custom and tradition in Lagos, is talking of the sea fishing, agriculture and forest products such as wine, honey and medronho (a portuguese liquor), the regional desserts that stand out is the famous Dom Rodrigo and sweets of almonds and fig. In its rich crafts are the baskets in wicker or palm, the pottery and ceramics, tapestries , and articles of wood, stone and iron. All details of this picturesque county Algarve, where vast emerging knowledge is rooted in its people.

Culture, Entertainment and Leisure:

The climate of Lagos lets you develop multiple sports, cultural and leisure. At night you can watch performances by groups of popular music, the concerts of music or just have fun in a bar or nightclub. The library, the art galleries, the Municipal Auditorium, the Regional Museum and Cultural Center are some of the cultural spaces of Lagos. You can also stroll the streets or in the typical avenue by the sea and watch the work of artists in search of inspiration in this beautiful city.

Beaches, Cliffs, Sea and Water Sports:

The Costa d’Oiro with jagged rocks golden cliffs that plunge into the clear waters, calm, where marine animals and molluscs delight, is an indescribable beauty. The beaches of white sand dunes and surroundings invite to rest and leisure. The sea and the bay are the ideal place for nautical sports and leisure, such as windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, diving and sport fishing. The tours in small boats of fishermen or sailing are unforgettable moments, in which they discover mysterious caves and hidden coves.


Situated on the southern coast of Portugal this region is a world renown tourist destination and a top choice for all those seeking sun, sea, leisure and welfare in the broadest sense.

Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with standards of quality recognized with the blue flags of Certification issued by the European community.

In recent years the Algarve has gained international recognition as a destination of Golf, and in 2006 received the award for Best Destination of Golf in the World, by the hands of IAGTO.

Why the Algarve?

– Irresistible Lifestyle;
– Climate unique with over 300 days of sunshine per year;
– Excellent facilities for leisure and sport (golf, beach, spa …) ;
– Best Golf Destination in the World in 2006;
– Healthy Mediterranean cuisine;
– Beaches with environmental certification ;
– Sophisticated Nightlife;
– Rich cultural and historical past;
– Friendly and relaxing atmosphere;
– Market growth in tourism.